21 03, 2014

Twitter is Blocked! Responsible = Tayyip Erdogan

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Yes it happened! As of today Twitter is blocked in Turkey! The goverment and president Tayyip Erdoğan wanted to cover their corruptions and they’ve brought new regulations with straight prohibitions to the internet!

The only responsible is: Recep Tayyip Erdogan. That was for one reason! “There is a trouble called Twitter!” he [...]

24 02, 2014

Light Up for Ukrainian People!

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World faced a tragedy last week. The protestors in Ukrain had been killed by the proffesional snipers of the government forces. I have nothing to say but pray for these poor souls. The cruelty of mankind never changes. We make our selves beleive that the world is becoming a [...]

15 01, 2014

As a Speaker: After Two Motivational Speeches

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In December 2013, I gave two speeches and the year was completed with two motivational presentations to University students. (I got motivated too :) First one was to the Istanbul University, Industrial Engineering students. The theme was “From Zero to the Top”.

First, I deconstructed the meaning of “Success” And then [...]

13 12, 2013

Mood Curated: Three Powerful Movies That Will Question What You Beleive!

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I guess this became series! I like to gather the things that are releated to each other. I know that our brain works this way either. So within lots of information, we need to focus to have the intense of some feelings. That’s what I am trying to do now [...]

8 12, 2013

LG’s Shocking Job Interview – Viral, Scary and What If Someone Dies There?

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OK! I understand the word “viral” is important at these days. It’s an important marketing term. When you want to shot a video the people go “It’s going to be viral, no?”

Below you’ll see an example of how “real life clear” an LG screen is. But if this is [...]

28 11, 2013

How to Save the World’s Energy?

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World’s main energy is oil. No doubt to that! Today, there are only 1,7 billion tons of barrels are stocked. Wow! That’s a big thing, huh? But this means if there will be no production beginning from today, we have only 12 days left. A monster fills the barrels, [...]

25 11, 2013

An Anti Tayyip Movie: Hunger Games, Catching Fire

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I watched the movie on 22nd November. Didn’t read the novels but watched the first one of the series again in a theatre. Of course Jennifer Lawrence is the locomotive of the film again. She is a beauty!

But at the second part of the Hunger Games, I mean the [...]

24 11, 2013

Duru Hair Cream VS Victoria’s Secret Tease Eau De Parfum

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Last month I stopped at the 5th avenue’s Victoria’s Secret at NYC and buyed a parfume for my wife. Noir Tease is kind of a new scent I guess. Though the bottle looked so classic and French to me. The essance is not floral, so soft but really sexy. I [...]

15 11, 2013

Mood Curated: 2 Movies and 1 Book for Extreme Depression. Enjoy!

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We are in the middle of November. Doctors call it the depression month.

What is this bad weather? The leaves are falling down, our energy drops down, sky gets gray, sun goes somewhere to shine on another planet. A small doomsday settles in our stomach. Though we are all after [...]

13 11, 2013

This is What I Call True Marketing!

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There should be ethics for sneaking into people’s lives. I mean we shouldn’t sneak into people’s lives. Sorry! But that’s what a marketing expert do for living. Sneaking into lives. But beware! If you don’t play it right you’ll probably loose in long term. Focus on the humanity first. [...]